Thursday, July 12, 2007

Put Some Bling in Your Music

Congratulations to Spiritual Thoughts by Jenny V!

Host Blog: An Island Review
Deadline to Enter: July 13, 2007
Prize: Retractable MP3 Earphones with Swarovski Crystals (value $50)

Listening never looked so good! Be the envy of all your friends with this hot new style of earphones. These are stereo quality and work with Ipod, portable stereo, or computer audio system. Genuine pink Swarovski crystals.

How to Enter:
  1. Mention this contest on your blog with a link back to this post.
  2. Leave a comment below as to why you think you should win the bling (your comments will not increase you chances of winning but it should be fun to see what people say).
  3. A random winner will be selected on July 14th and contacted via email.
Good luck!


ForUsThreeGirls said...

The reason I would like to win the bling is for my 9yo daughter. I created the monster she is about bling. We both ride horses and our horses are maxed out in bling when we ride. They are both mares or girl horses so I hope they don't mind. Well, Lib now has an ipod and she would love some bling bling ear buds for her ears!

I'll put my link up to the contest later on today.

Jthemilker said...

I recently discovered that my likes and dislikes in life have been shaped by those around me. I decided that I needed to step up and decide what it is that "I" really like... who am I? One of the first things was *PINK* and *Pretties.* I've been on a pink-kick ever since. I LOVE pink! So please send me some new pink bling to satisfy my new loves... because it's what "I" like.

Mert said...

Hmmm, why do I deserve these? As a mom of 2 beautiful and spirited girls whom I love very much and can't imagine my life without- I need down time. My down time usually consists reading, blogging, crafting or sewing while listening to my iPod.

I think every mom needs a little down time, a little "mom time" to recharge their batteries, and I think listening to your favorite music while kicking your heels up - even if it's only for 15 minutes- could be just the thing.

Plus, these headphones are just deliciously pink and sparkley! Mom time with sparkles? Even better. :D

I'll be putting up my post in a few minutes.

Judy Thomas said...

Hi, Kailani. I'd liked to win the bling just because it's pretty like you are. :-) And, because then my noises won't bother Bob while he's reading or watching TV. And, what can be better than pretty sparkles?

~Amber~ said...

Oooh! I NEED these! I use my mp3 player when I walk home from work in the evenings, and I've already had to replace my earbuds once because the cord got messed up in my bag and shorted out. A retractable cord would just be awesome! And who doesn't love bling?

Growing in Grace (Nicole) said...

I would love these because I just finally got an iPod and love it. I can't believe I hadn't had until now. And I love the pinkness of it. Please...pick me!!!

Stacey said...

I seriously need the pink bling bling because pink is my October birthstone! And I need the earphones because I don't have any earphones.

I don't even have anything to plug them into but if I had them, I'd get something! Heck if I had them, I'd probably plug them into an orange just so I could walk around looking cooler than my teenager!

Christine said...

Hi Kailani,
The reason I would like to win the bling is for Marissa my 13yo daughter. To show her how much I love her If I won and gave the headphones to her, it would make me the 'Coolest Mom', and since she's a teenager, that means alot.

I'll have my post up soon.

la bellina mammina said...

Since I don't have a daughter, I'd like to win this for myself which will go perfectly with my black nano (my earpiece is white), the pink and bling will make my earpiece stand out among the white ones we have! ;-)

Christine said...

What girl doesn't love bling?? And they're pink, to boot! Maybe these would put some more pep in my step when I'm listening to my husband's MP3 player, since it's just a boring black one... Never know!!

Wendy said...

I would like to win these for my 93 year old grandmother who loves to listen to Tony Bennett at the nursing home. They won't let her have a stereo system there, which is unfortunate since in her younger days she was a jazz singer. She is too weak now to sing for long, but still loves to listen.

Okay, not really. I just think they're cool. I could stand to look a little nicer at the gym.

Aimee "Roo" said...

I have always loved those... ever since Tiff told me about them (she is the one who made them).

I would love to have them because I love anything that sparkles. Seriously. If it is shiny, sparkly, and pretty, it's in my house. :) Plus, they would match the new fun pod cover I got for my birthday.

How fun for you to have your first giveaway, and what a great prize it is!

Kelly said...

The reason that I want these earbuds is because I really like them. But also, I just really would like to win at least, at the VERY lease, ONE of the blog contests that I enter. I've been blogging for almost two years and I have never ever won.
Can you believe that?

Homemom3 said...

Oh I would love these because my kids destroyed the one ear phones I had to work with my computer and laptop. Which means listening to my shows on the computer through the speakers and having them up completely in competition with the tv. If I had these lovely ladies I'd be able to tune EVERYTHING out and watch my show in peace and quiet, not having to hear what SpongeBob thinks. I'm posting this contest on my giveaway tuesday now.

The Wooden Porch said...

I posted about it! I want to win it because it's pink! I love pink!

Here's my link.

mackeydoodle said...

I think I should I win the earbuds because my 12 year old son has confiscated mine. These earbuds are too cute for him to want to use:)

Donetta said...

Hello Kailani...

She asks to tell her why "me Thinks" I might should win such a thing :)

Well with all the joyful glee around here my ears take a beating. Little girl screams and character voices that reach the scales of the hight of alto soprano. With Dash hawk playing Star War roles with the vigor of any six year old who refuses to ware his hearing aids because the sweat blows the batteries!
Well one might think to plug the ear with a little soft sound of music might just take the edge off this Mommas migraines.
Of course the recoil part is the cool part to keep the cords out of the chores and dish water.

Simone ( Exercising for comments) said...

If I get them then my husband has to agree to put buying Mp3 player onto our budget.

Melissa said...

My post is up! Do I need to run another campaign for this? ;) Honestly, I'm just starting to get in touch with my girly side. For years I wore boys pants and shirts. Wasn't very fond of dresses and I hated... no, wait, HATED PINK! But, now, I have let a few pink things creep into my wardrobe and I kinda like it! So these ear buds would just add to my growing stock of pinkness :D

guttergirl said...

oooh, pink and shiny. Need I say more. How girly can you get? I need a little more sass in my life.

Sprittibee said...

This is my linked post.

I want them because I'm sick of my dumb ipod earphones getting tangled and these retractible ones are right up my alley.

The bling is an added plus. I love me some 'sparkly'! My Ipod is pink anyway! ;)

Joni said...

Why do I want the ear buds? Well, only two words needed:


'Nough said!

I'll link to you today.

Patti said...

i should win because if i do i am handing them over to nello as she never wins anything. she is a loser not a winner, at least in bloggerland. and since i am on a streak i promised her i wouldn't enter, to which she thanked me, but then i thought i should enter and if i won, well, give her the booty...cause she really likes booty. i swear.

so while this won't help me win, i am hoping i am the random blogger picked...for nello's sake.

Amy Grant said...

I must win.

My sanity depends on it. In a home full of testosterone, I can't have anything for myself. They have taken my tools, my cell phone, my TV, my DVD player, my computer (I locked them in the closet so I could leave a comment), and so much more.

I figure if I win these I can keep them because they are pink and sparkly. Boys hate pink and sparkly things. Alas, I would have something of my own! ;o)

Charity said...

Why should I win? I am a mom of three boys. I am immersed in boy stuff all day long. I deserve something pretty, shiny, pink - and free!

But, then, don't we all?

Jenmomof4 said...

I would love to win these! I have four children and they have always gotten all the neat new things.
I usually am left with the
hand-me down electronics etc. I would look so cool with these! Everyone would know they are mine!! :-)

Arianne said...

I would love to win these so that I have SOMETHING of my own in my house of men. I have 3 boys, and I often feel like I can't get anything girly since everyone will want/need to use what I get. These little babies would be ALL. MINE.

My post is up about this giveaway, thanks!

AnnaLiza said...

i'd like these because my daughters and i would enjoy 'em! how cute and fun are those ?!

my link up:

Gaby said...

I want to win these because they are cute and I want to pass them on to a fellow blogger. Good luck to all contestants.

Amy said...

Umm...I want them because I saw them and they have pink on them and I'm selfish and want them for myself (I was reading other comments of wanting them for other people...sorry I will keep them!!) plus they will go well with my PINK IPOD! :)

慢慢來 said...