Sunday, July 15, 2007

6 Days of Prizes

Host Blog: The Prize Blog
Deadline to Enter: July 22, 2007

  • First Day Prize: 6 Months of a High Traffic Blogroll Link on The Prize Blog.
  • Second Day Prize: Phillips 512MB MP3 Player Originally Featured on ArsGeek.
  • Third Day Prize: $25 Cash Through PayPal courtesy of Bloggeries.
  • Fourth Day Prize: Regular Listing at Bloggeries Blog Directory.
  • Fifth Day Prize: Full site review from The Prize Blog.
  • Sixth Day Prize: Full blog review from Bloggeries (Blogs Only).
The Prize Blog is having a really cool giveaway! It's a 6-day blogging competition and some of the prizes you could win are cash prizes, MP3 players, blogroll back links, Bloggeries Blog Directory listings and complete site reviews.

There are different ways to enter.
  • Subscribe to The Prize Blog RSS Feed. (5 Entries)
  • Leave a comment on another site letting them know about the contest. (5 Entries)
  • Link to the competition via a review on your blog. (20 Entries)