Friday, July 6, 2007

Do You Want To Get Arthritis?

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Deadline to Enter: July 6, 2007
Prize: an Ipod Shuffle and autographed book - Body, Soul, and Baby: A Doctor's Guide to the Complete Pregnancy Experience, From Preconception to Postpartum

Rules: On July 6th, publish a post discussing the most annoying preggo or new mom question you've ever been asked and what you wish you could have said in return. For a complete list of rules, please stop by The Parent Bloggers Network. Dads, adoptive parents, and in-laws are all welcomed to enter, too!

Here's my entry:

When I first gave birth to Girlie Girl, my MIL stayed with us for two v-e-r-y long weeks. She's from a different culture and sees things in very different ways. One day, I was taking a nap in my room when she came in and turned off my air conditioner and took away my glass of ice water. She then said, "Do you want to get artiritis?" Apparently, she thinks that if my body gets cold in any way right after I gave birth, I would develop arthritis! It was over 90 degrees outside! What I would have liked to have said is, "WTH?", but I didn't.

I wish I could have just handed her this.

This promotion is to celebrate the book launch of Body, Soul, and Baby: A Doctor's Guide to the Complete Pregnancy Experience, From Preconception to Postpartum.


All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

Karianna said...

MILs can be such a wealth of "information" eh?

Don't even get me started about mine...

Grace said...

My MIL usually didn't give me trouble when I was preggers (she wanted to live longer...) it was my mother who gave me LOTS of words of caution!! Like, I should not scratch any part of my (pregnant) body as it will produce stretch marks!! arrrgg!!
I don't have a blogger account Kailani, just to let you know this is Grace from

mama k said...

oh my. That's a doozie.

I wrote about the sleeping through the night thing at

Jen said...

Oh, You've gotta love MILs and their "helpful" advice. If my MIL had stayed with us for 2 weeks after my baby was born I would have gone insane.

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