Monday, October 1, 2007

Review: Rocketfish Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

When it comes to computer gadgets, I'm all for it. That's why I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review the Rocketfish Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse.

First of all, the fact that there are no wires to tangle makes this product invaluable from the beginning. When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised at how cool the keyboard looked - very stylish. It was also very comfortable since it has a place to rest your wrists while you're typing. With all the posting I do, comfort is very important to me.

The mouse looks like your typical mouse but again, cordless. Love that!

I thought the set-up and download were pretty easy if you read the instruction manual. I was able to get everything set-up and running in a short amount of time. The wireless range is up to 60 feet! How do you see the screen at 60 feet away?

The only thing that some people may not like is that the keyboard and mouse run on AA batteries. I don't mind the batteries since I already have to carry around various charges when I'm on a layover. AA batteries are much easier to pack.

All in all, I think this is a great product if you're thinking of going wireless. You may purchase one for yourself at Best Buy for $99.99.

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Mike said...

I got to this blog blog by searching for the Rocketfish bluetooth set. I'm going to have to second this review because I'm pretty happy with my Rocketfish keyboard and mouse. My Thinkpad has Bluetooth built in, so the set is ideal especially when I'm using my laptop with its base as a dual monitor PC. Bluetooth has been slow to catch on with keyboards and mice, which is weird because other wireless technologies I've tried have really poor range. My Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse (non Bluetooth) has such poor range that the antana has to be right next to the mouse to make it work (yes the batteries are new).

I got my Rocketfish set at Best Buy's Black Friday sale for $40. I haven't needed to change batteries yet. I'm not concerned about the AA thing and don't know why it would be a problem. If its about battery life, I have rechargables.

Finally, my only quibble is that I can't get the horizontal scroll to work. It would be a big bonus if I could because thats one of my favorite features from my Microsoft wireless mouse.

Anonymous said...

Mine isnt working so well. I'm using the bluetooth built into my XPS m170 and it seemed to help, but I'm not even getting 10ft of range. I need about 17ft of range because I use my 52" lcd for my monitor. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Use the included dongle to get the extended range. If the laptop is on a desk and you're sitting across the room with the keyboard the dongle shouldn't be an issue.

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