Sunday, November 11, 2007

Clocky To The Rescue

I don't know about you but I'm usually pretty good about getting out of bed when the alarm goes off. Maybe it's because I'm afraid that if I hit that snooze button, I may never get up in time.

My husband on the other hand can hit the snooze over and over again. It drives me crazy since I wake up each time the alarm goes off.

Then I saw a funny alarm clock named Clocky. As you can see, Clocky has a wheel on both sides and will jump off the table and roll around on the floor until you turn him off. Isn't that hilarious? I'm not sure this will cure my snooze button hitting husband but it should bring some giggles to my morning.

You can find Clocky at for $49.99. For a limited time, when you spend $50 or more in select categories, you'll get free standard shipping. Offer available online only.


sher :) said...

I'm afraid I'd have to kill Mr. Clocky. Getting up to an alarm is one of my most hated things in life. :)

pinkjagxj said...

How fun! During the Fall Y'all giveaway I picked out Mr. Clocky from one of the Blog Boutiques. Bummer I can't remember which one but I'm glad I can get it at Target.

Audra Marie said...

That is so cute - I'd definitely have some fun randomly choosing my victim er blessed recipient to wake up with that (I have 6 kids). :)