Friday, November 9, 2007

Review & Giveaway: Day Runner Family Matters

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for your participation.
The winner is Jess of Sassy Pants!

Everybody gets excited about something. For me, it's a brand new totally clean calendar. I don't know if it's because it holds a lot of promises and future family events. Or maybe it's just the organizational freak in me. In either case, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review Day Runners new line of planners - Family Matters.

Day Runner Family Matters is a new line of color-coded organizational products that will be available for your 2008 needs. Their goal is to use color to help keep everyone organized and well-informed of family events and appointments. The first thing we did was assign a color to every member of the family. Once that was done, we could easily see what events pertained to each person.

Here are some of the great products we tried out:

Undated Erasable Wall Planner - This double sided planner works two ways: First, on one side you have a month long grid. Across the top you would write in the names of family member according to color. Along the side are the days of the month from 1 to 31. This is a great way to see everything going on at a glance. Second, on the other side is your tradition calendar layout. This is a good place to jot down the basic information that you need to keep on top of things.

Monthly/Weekly Appointment Book - This 9" x 11" book is divided into months. Each section has a full monthly view. What I like about it is the lines in each block. I really like it when even the writings look neat and organized! The pages after this goes by weeks. The timeline runs along the side of the page and the colored columns (again, one for each family member) goes across the top. There's even a section on the bottom where you can write a To Do list.

Activity Folders - Assign a colored folder to each family member to help keep track of all those loose papers. We used it to organize all the homework assignments that needed to be done.

Storage Cases - With all these folders, you're going to need someplace to put them. These color coordinated storage cases worked like a charm.

Erasable Door Reminders - This was by far my favorite item. I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten to take something with me when I leave the house. It always crosses my mind to leave myself a note on the door but I never take the time to do it. This handy, erasable door reminders does the trick. The best part is that there's a place to hold the write on/wipe off marker. Doesn't get much easier than this!

As you can see, I've always been a big fan of Day Runner products and this new Family Matters line definitely doesn't disappoint! Stop by their website to check out more of their organizational products. 2008 will be here before you know it!

Thanks to Day Runner, I'm giving away the 9" x 11" 2008 Weekly/Monthly Family Planner. To enter, just leave a comment below before November 13th saying how you keep organized. A random winner will be selected and contacted on November 14th.

As always, to earn extra entries just subscribe to my RSS feed or blog about this giveaway with a link back here. Please let me know if you're doing the extra credit so I can make sure you're entered properly.

PLEASE make sure you leave a way to contact you! This giveaway is open world-wide. Good luck!

Thank you to the Parent Bloggers Network for this great opportunity!


Michelle B. said...

please enter me in your contest. Thanks

Lesha said...

Count me in! :)

Stephanie said...

It is hard for me to stay organized that is why i need this. But I do love to make lists which helps organize my day!

JewelsHud said...

I stay organized by constantly updating my calendards and my to-do lists which I keep in front of my constantly. This would be wonderful!


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I find it a little difficult to stay organized but use Microsoft Outlook calendar with reminders a lot! Plus, my husband keeps appointment cards pinned up on the calendar in the kitchen.

Jen said...

OOO, I just love the door hangers!!! Perfect to remember those day-to-day things... I mostly stay organized by using a "Mom's Planet" calendar, but I think I'm going to look for something different for next year...

Jess said...

Those door reminders are a MUST HAVE. I'll be linking this contest for sure.

Hedi said...

I used to cary litlle calöender type notebook around, I havent been needing one for some time now, but it seems that next year some calender might come handy!

Doreen said...

I'm thinking about giving this away to my Mom if I win. She could def use this! I'm subscribed to your feeds and I also linked to this give-away:

Jess said...

Oh yeah, my link is


ablondeblogger said...

I LOVE Day Runner! I actually use it to help me organize stuff for my review blog. I'm running low and could really use this! Thanks! :)

Opening Pandora said...

We keep a master calendar to stay organized, and I keep a schedule for chores and cleaning which helps a lot..

Thanks for the chance at such a great giveaway!

jbubolz-miller said...

Door Hangers what a great idea!! I stay semi organized by writing some stuff in a planner and having a grocery list jot pad on the fridge.

Jet'set said...

I'd like to try out this planner... I currently use little journals or notebooks and everything ends up kinda mashed together!

windycindy said...

Hi, How do I stay organized? I am obsessive-compulsive about it! I believe there is a place for everything and it should be in its'place. Please enter me in your contest. I can always use extra ways to stay organized! Cindi

Christine said...

Me, organized... Ha!! Maybe this would help!

Off to spread some linky love!

heather h said...

I try to get rid of as much paper mail as possible the minute it comes into the house. I go through all the mail, pull out all junk mail, envelopes my bills came in, etc. and toss them into the recycling bin. The rest goes in a short pile. I try to get to paying bills as soon as possible and file the rest. This helps a lot with clutter in the kitchen, where the mail piles usually end up. I also set up a shredder in an extra room that is easy to plug into the wall right away. I make a little pile right by it and pop a few papers in it every now and this. This is better than when I had a special sack for stuff to be shredded. When I realized how full the sack was it took me three days to shred all that junk. Oh boy. I still need lots of organizing help, though!

Andrea said...

Ohhh...I need some organizing materials! This would be wonderful to win...and hopefully would keep me better organized too! :)

Mama Zen said...

This sounds awesome! How do I stay organized? Not very well! That's why I need this!

Audra said...

I struggle with being organized, but I do use Say The Time software which announces reminders. That helps a lot. :)

writetome (at) thesilvas (dot) com

Jennifer said...

Count me in! The way I stay organized - not very well, but several calendars are a MUST!

Happy Weekend!

Tiff said...

OOHH i try very hard (doesn't always happen) to stay organized. I am a HUGE fan of plastic bins. Little ones for craft stuff, big ones for out of season clothes, outdoor toys, indoor toys, etc.

Briggie said...

when i worked in an office i was organized to the hilt with my day runner planner and palm pilot, and now that i've been out of the workforce for over 3 years i've let myself go. i need to get back into the swing of things and this would be a great way to do it. please count me in...

Amanda said...

please enter me thanks

Mommy Cracked said...

I stay organized by a process of constantly weeding out things that aren't needed or being used in our home. I hate clutter!

James & Aimee said...

I stay organized by putting events in my phone calendar...although this will work much better b/c the phone doesn't do my schedule justice! I would LOVE to win!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I try to stay organized with my Outlook calendar at work and a family calendar at home, but it's so hard to keep everything together and make sure events get added in both places. This sounds like a great alternative - please count me in! I linked to your giveaways today and am a subscriber. :)

Gwen said...

I'm still using my wall calendar; one in each room so I could definitely use this!

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

I have 'to do' lists for everything. If it's not on a list, it's unlikely to get done.

Mary_Freebies said...

I have a notepad on which I write down the dates and what I have to do. Not practical at all! :(

I am an RSS subs, please enter me. :)

SJ said...

I stay organized by keeping lists! It's a revolving list that never ends, but it keeps me on task. I also rely heavily on wall calendars for appointments, meetings and the like. This would be a nice thing to try out! Please count me in on the give away.

Oh, and I love your site. LOVE IT.

Jill said...

My calendar is the main way I keep organized. I keep it right by the phone so I can just jot things down. I also review it every month at the beginning of the month with my hubby to make sure we are on the same page.

I would love one for 2008!

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Great giveaway. How do I keep organized? Say NO to clutter. I have a filing system for everything. My only problem is I don't have a planner yet. So my "To Do" list usually includes a sticky note or a scrap of paper.

Thanks for including me in the giveaway.

sara said...

Oh, how I would love to have this! As far as keeping organized, I need improvement..But I am a list-maker and if I leave the house without it, I'm lost! Thanks for the chance to win!

Bess said...

I stay (or try to stay!) organized by making "to-do" lists each morning and trying to keep all of our happenings (family, friends, and business) in a small wall calendar and my work calendar. I need this Day Runner to help me! :)

Betsy said...

I try to stay organized by making lists and keeping things picked up regularly.

elaine@bloginmyeye said...

My favorite way to keep organized is the good old fashioned to do list. I'd love to win a fancy new calendar to keep them all in!

Christina said...

I write all the meals for the week on the dry erase board on the fridge. That way, my husband can help!

Tricia said...

I was a very organized person at one time and now need to get back to organization. I have not even been menu planning and that is very odd of me.

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Organization is an ongoing production around here! We meal plan, keep individual and family calendars, and try to put things away. Ha ha!!

Please enter me. I am a subscriber to your RSS feed, if that matters!

Anonymous said...

Count me in please!

Blogged ya:

Capturing Today said...

Calendars definitely help me stay organized. I also carry a 6 pocket expandable file with me for important papers - my calendar in one section, postage and envelopes in another, bills to pay, magazines to go through - this goes with me when I'm out so I can do some on the go organizing!

Maggie said...

Wow. I need more organization. One thing I'm lacking.

Karen Lynch-Live the Power said...

I'd love something that could help me be more organized!
Count me in...
I think I'm already a subscriber.

hil said...

I'd love one!

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pashmina said...

Congrats to Sassy Pants! A colored organizer sounds like a good idea!

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