Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Review: Reynolds Handi-Vac System

I was so thrilled for this review opportunity since I've been thinking of getting one of these myself. It's the Reynolds Handi-Vac System.

Now why was I dying to get one? My husband does not cook. Ever. And so when I'm away for work, my poor girls are usually subjected to COSTCO Rotisserie Chicken or Zippy's Chili. Those are their two choices. I try to cook something before I leave but it's not always feasible. That's why I thought if I could make meals in advance when I do have the time, I could freeze it for future use.

This Handi-Vac System worked really well. I liked that it was small enough to fit into the drawer and yet powerful enough to get the job done. Basically, you fill the special bags with food, lay the bag flat on the counter, attach the sealer, press a button and watch it go. Worked like a charm.

When it was time to defrost, I just left the bag in the fridge overnight and microwaved it at dinner time. You could take it directly from the freezer to the microwave but make sure you use the defrost setting under a low power.

Now all this was done under a short time period. I haven't had this system long enough to test it out long-term. It claims to eliminate freezer burn in the long run but I have yet to find that out. Overall, this is a great way to preserve food and the price can't be beat. It usually sells for $9.99 and the bags are $3.29 for 12 quart-sized bags.

And I have to say, my girls love the fact that they can enjoy my somewhat home cooked meals while I'm gone. Now that's priceless.


pinkjagxj said...

I haven't seen one of these yet but I trust your reviews and now I'll go shopping.

Jen said...

I have been wondering how well these worked! :-) Thanks for reviewing it ~ I'm going to have to try it!

Anonymous said...

I've had terrible trouble with mine. It sucks all the air out just fine, but after about 5-10 minutes it loses it's tightness and eventually let's plenty of air back in. I've tried numerous bags with the same results...

Cher said...

i have had problems also. i think its hit or miss. sometimes it works but not always

Anonymous said...

Mine is very hit or miss also. It worked a couple of times but then stopped. I changed the batteries thinking maybe it had lost some power but no luck! I feel like I wasted $10.

Anonymous said...

We are VERY UNHAPPY with our Renyolds Handi-Vac. When it works, it works well, BUT it hardly ever works. We would say that it only works about 20% of the time. It's a great ideal, too bad it doesn't work. Frustrated in NY.

Anonymous said...

I too have had some problems with the bags, especially gallon size, keeping a vacuum. I blew up some of them (right out of the box)with air, then pressed on them underwater and found the leaky ones had tiny pinholes in them, near the bottom. I put cellophane tape over the holes and now they seem to work ok. I hope Reynolds will do better with their quality control, as this is otherwise a very nice product.

Anonymous said...

Same here, the bags have terrible quality control, only about 20% of them work. Most of the boxes I've tried have a problem with the little plastic valves on the bags, they seal shut and will not open to allow the vacuum to suck out any air. Or the bags lose the vacuum seal after a while. It is the same story as those clothing vacuum bags, they should cost a little more to be made a little better and they might work. With those, I buy 2 or 3 packs, test every bag, then make one good set out of the ones that, put the bad ones back in the boxes and take it back

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