Thursday, December 13, 2007

Review: Reynolds Parchment Paper

When you think about the holidays, you have to include homemade cookies, right? There are so many great recipes out there but how to do you find the time to make them all? How about hosting a cookie exchange with family friends?

Reynolds has some really great tips and suggestions on how to make your next Cookie Swap a raving success! They provide you with a decorative invitation that you can print out to help get everyone in the cookie swap mood and also some really yummy cookie recipes to try out.

And when you're baking those cookies, don't forget the Reynolds Parchment Paper. I was sent a sample although I have already been using it for years. I can't make cookies without it. It helps the treats cook more evenly, you don't have to spray the pan, and clean up is a breeze! The cooled cookies slide right off the sheet! Try it and you'll never bake without it again.

Click here to order your free sample!


Desert Songbird said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm just about to start my holiday baking.

Sandy M said...

This stuff is awesome. I first tried it last year and now I don't know how I ever baked cookies without it.

frannie said...

thanks! I ordered my free sample and told them I heard about it from you!

ablondeblogger said...

Thanks for the review, Kailani! I haven't baked in years and I used to bake all the time. I never knew about parchment paper (*blush*) and so after reading your review, I went out and bought two rolls of Reynold's parchment paper, since I planned to get back to baking this year.

Oh my gosh, what a difference! I LOVE this stuff! It's made baking so much easier. No greasing the pans, no burning grease on the pans, no sticking, no cleaning the pans. Just lift the paper up and let the cookies cool on it. So easy!

Thanks for letting me know!

Bambook said...