Friday, January 18, 2008

Review & Offer: SENSEO Gourmet Coffee Maker

I love coffee. I can barely function in the morning until I have my first cup of java. That’s why when I found out about a great offer from Senseo Gourmet Coffee, I jumped at the chance.
Offer: The people at Senseo are offering a free Coffee Pod System, a bag of Senseo coffee pods, and a coffee pod canister (value $70 +). All you need to do is pay for the shipping & handling ($15). To find out if you qualify, just fill out their short survey and you’ll get your results immediately.
After filling out their relatively short online survey, I was immediately notified that I had qualified. I sent my $15 via PayPal and then waited for it to arrive. It took about 4 weeks and it arrived I was pleasantly surprised.

The coffee system has a very modern look and built well. It came with everything that was promised and the instruction manual was easy to understand. It took up very little space on my counter which is also a plus!

Before you brew your first cup, you MUST flush out the system. This is a one-time thing. Let me warn you though, the flushing noise is a little louder than you’d expect. It took me by surprise and I almost dropped my cup!

Once that’s done, you can now start brewing. The whole system was very easy to use and I love the idea of being able to place your cup under the spout and make just one cup of coffee because this eliminates the need to wash a coffee pot.

The downside is that it’s designed to only use the Senseo coffee/tea pods and I’m not sure how readily available they are in your local grocery stores. You may purchase them online for various prices and quantities.

Bottom line: It’s a very good deal and the coffee tasted great. It has a stylish design and it’s easy to use.

Thank you to Almost Somewhat Positive for letting me know about this!


Desert Songbird said...

I don't drink a whole lot of coffee, but occasionally I want one, and when my in-laws come to visit, they drink several cups a day. I've always wanted one of these; thanks for the review!

Sherry said...


I followed the link you gave me the other day, and guess what? I qualified!!

I got an email yesterday telling me they had already shipped it. Yay!!

Thanks so much for the heads up. Can't wait to get it. :)

Anonymous said...

I received a 12 cup programmable stainless steel coffeemaker & stainless steel coffee scoop on buying gourmet coffee from Gevalia store....!

Anonymous said...

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