Monday, February 18, 2008

Tuesday's Contests & Giveaways

For a list of my current giveaways, please see the sidebar.

Link: The Wee Review
Prize: Pair of Baby Banz sunglasses
Deadline: February 21st

Link: Goody Blog
Prize: $500 to Merry Maids & Tons of Method Products
Deadline: February 22nd

Link: One Chic Mama
Prize: $75 to Chittypulga
Deadline: February 22nd

Link: Blonde Mom Blog
Prize: Handy Manny & Little Einsteins DVD
Deadline: February 22nd

Link: Lille Punkin' Reviews
Prize: Nee-Pad Pants by Poi Wear
Deadline: February 24th

Link: simple
Prize: Burp Cloth & Bib from Petit Tresor
Deadline: February 24th

Link: Mama Loves Giveaways
Prize: Ski Chick Gift Pack
Deadline: February 25th

Link: Laura Williams' Musings
Prize: copy of Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear
Deadline: February 28th

Link: ThomasSinfielddotcom
Prize: Custom Blog Design ($300)
Deadline: February 29th

Link: Cool Mom Picks
Prize: $150 to Chittypulga & Fleurville Lexi Diaper Tote
Deadline: February 29th

Link: Bloggy Giveaways
Prize: $100 to Anne Taylor Loft Maternity
Deadline: March 4th

Link: superdumb supervillian
Prize: Microsoft Student with Encarta 2008
Deadline: March 9th

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