Thursday, May 1, 2008

Do You Use Candles?

Before we had children, our home was decorated with many scented candles. I loved the way it made the room smell and it also provided us with a relaxing atmosphere. The only problem was making sure we had the same scented candles placed in the same room since the mix of scents was not always pleasing to the nose.

Once the children arrived, the candles became strictly decorative for safety reasons. However, I am still able to sneak a candle in the bathroom with me on occasion. It helps me relax when all I can hear is the sound of little fists pounding on the door.

My favorite scents are lavender and vanilla either alone or together. And even when unlit, it still leaves a pleasant scent throughout the room. Candles also make great gifts, however, I usually go with the unscented candles since it's hard to know what people prefer.

If you're looking for an extensive product line of candles including, Esque Candles, for personal use or gift giving, you may want to check out Joyous Candles. They carry various scents and designs. And shipping is always free for purchases over $85.

Do you have candles in your home? What's your favorite scent?


Renee said...

I have a few candles but don't light them because the smells bother DH. I bought a candle warmer and that works pretty well, but it seems that I get "used" to the smell too quickly.
I like to get the yummy vanilla & sugar cookie sents.

Angie said...

I prefer melts over candles but we do burn candles on occasion. My favorite scents are Lemongrass and Hot Buttered Rum.