Monday, June 25, 2007

MamaBlogga Group Writing Project

Host Blog: MamaBlogga
Deadline to Enter: July 1, 2007
Prize: $30 gift certificate,

Rules: Publish a new post on your blog using the theme "3 things I want my kids to . . ." You can finish the sentence using any verb you choose. For example, Pediascribe's theme is 3 things I want my kids to consider before choosing their spouse. Scribbit's theme is 3 things I want my kids to appreciate. Get the idea? Don't forget to let Jordan know that you're participating so she can link back to you.

Here's my entry:

3 things I want my kids to remember about me.
  1. That I would not hesitate to risk my life to save theirs.
  2. How we used to dance around in the living room.
  3. That I loved them unconditionally.


A Life Uncommon said...

Hello, I was introduce by Christine over at "are we there yet". I am trying to link my post but I'm still learning all the ropes. I did a post of the three things...

A Life Uncommon said...

Hello, I received your comment. Thank you. I would appreciate your help in linking. I tried to return your email and it failed. I guess I need to do it through comments. Please do link for me, please. Christine is coming over Sunday for BBQ and joint family time. She is going to give me some blog Ed.
What a fun, positive group you got going here.

Jordan said...

Short and sweet. I love it.

Thanks for participating!

Robin said...

With those 3 things they will surely know how loved they are.

Corey~living and loving said...

Three things....that I can't argue with! :)