Sunday, November 4, 2007

Monday's Contests & Giveaways

Stay organized in 2008 with a BusyBodyBook planner. Stop by An Island Life before November 8th.

Here at An Island Review, you could win one of 4 copies of a heart-warming children's book - I Love You More. Deadline: November 8th.

Mama Speaks is giving away 3 Blankies CDs. The Blankies are produced by Power Arts Company, Inc., whose desire is to produce entertaining and educational children’s music with substance and originality. Deadline: November 5th. Hurry!

Slacker-Moms-R-Us is giving away a P &G Pure Essentials Prize Basket, which includes the following: 50 oz. Tide Pure Essentials, 44 oz. Downy Pure Essentials, 70 Sheet Bounce Pure Essentials, 27 oz. Febreze Fabric Refresher,Wicker Basket, and Bath Towel. Deadline: November 6th.

Win a A Red Retro Stripe Backpack from DadGear and MomFinds. Deadline: November 7th.

Write From Karen is giving away a 2008 Baby Blues desk calendar. Deadline: November 8th.

Bloggy Giveaways has a $50 gift certificate available so you can purchase one of Leigh Grey's inspirational handbags. Deadline: November 9th.

Parent Product Reviews has a cool prize pack for you - Confessions of a Prep School Mommy Handler, Jack’s Big Music Show DVD “Let’s Rock.”, The Gingerbread Man Read-Along Book, and Rock N Learn “Telling Time” DVD. Deadline: November 14th.

If you're still trying to win a Video iPod Nano, here's another opportunity. Stop by Blog of Browie before November 15th.

You could win a $25 gift certificate to Warm Biscuit Bedding Company from Superdumb Supervillain. Deadline: November 18th.

Pediascribe is giving away a Lunapads Into kit. Stop by and check out this newest invention. Deadline: November 27th.

Enter the Woman's Day Sweepstakes and you could win a Crock-Pot VersaWare Pro. Deadline: December 19th.

Who doesn't love Sharper Image? Well, they're giving away a prize a day until December 20th. You could even win a $10,000 gift card! Sign-up now!
The Holiday Scavenger Blog Hunt Party begins today! For more info, stop by either Mom Views, Mums The Wurd, and So A Blonde Walks Into a Review.

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