Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thursday's Contests & Giveaways

Enter my latest giveaway for a Procter & Gamble Pure Essentials Gift Basket. Deadline to enter is December 10th. For my other current giveaways, please see the sidebar.

Your Heart Out is giving away a Turquoise Pendant Necklace. Deadline: December 7th.

Bleeding Expresso and a whole bunch of other bloggers have gotten together to give away a personalized, signed copy of Dolce Italiano by Gina DePalma. Deadline: December 7th.

Enter to win the recently released DVD box set titled, Barney: The Imagination Collection from Classy Mommy. Deadline: December 8th.

Stop by Mommy Cracked for a bunch of giveaways. All of them end on December 9th.
Bloggy Giveaways is giving away a free deluxe copy of any Aardvark story of your choice, complete with personalization for the kid in your life (retail value $49.99 each). Deadline: December 9th.

Stop by Mums The Wurd where you could win a one "Family Edition" cube and one "Golf Topics" from Table Topics. Deadline: December 10th.

So A Blonde Walks Into a Review is giving away an autographed book Merry Christmas, America! Megawatt Displays Across the USA by Bruce Littlefield. In addition, you could also win a pickle ornament from Bruce's very own tree! Deadline: December 19th.

Win the baby shirt of your choice from gabbybaby. Stop by momsational before December 19th.

momsational is also giving away a FlipClips books. Deadline: December 19th.

How about this one? LilSugar is giving away a Mia Bossi diaper bag! Deadline: December 19th.


sognatrice said...

Thanks so much Kailani!

Recipes that have been posted (so far) in the contest include:

Mosaic Biscotti

Sicilian Pistachio Cookies

Chocolate Kisses

Cassata alla Siciliana

Ricotta Pound Cake

Sweet Apple Omelet

Chestnut Brownies

Chocolate Salami

Comment on all recipe posts to maximize your chances to win the book!

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