Monday, April 28, 2008

I Gave In to Pay Per Post

After much consideration, I've decided to join the posties at Pay Per Post.

Don't worry, this blog will not be bombarded with paid advertisements/reviews. Instead, I've decided that I'll just select a few opportunities that I can relate to and hopefully I won't come off sounding like a commercial.

I originally discovered Pay Per Post when I had my first blog and actually made pretty decent money with it. It's not something I could retire on but it did allow me to purchase some items for the girls like books, toys, and clothes.

However, when I started my new blogs, I decided not to participate because I've seen first hand the negative effects that too many sponsored posts can have. In fact, there was this one blog (who shall remain nameless) that I used to visit on a daily basis. Once she signed up with PPP, that's pretty much all she published. After a while, I just stop visiting. I missed hearing about her daily life.

If you're interested in signing-up, it's quick and easy to do. Just register on their site and you'll get a response within the next couple of days. Once approved, you can then browse through their blogger opportunities and see which ones best fits your style. How cool to be able to get paid to blog!

All I wish for this time around is to be able to make a little side cash so that I'm able to drop a trip here and there and stay home more with my girls. At least I can hope.


Renee said...

While more money and being able to voice my opinions on loads of stuff sounds awesome, I never bothered to sign up because I figured that my blog really doesn't pull in enough traffic for them to accept me.
I also didn't like that they wanted my SSN before approving me. But I'll happily read your posts.

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